Welcome to Famille Summerbelle, a creative company founded by French artist Julie Marabelle.

What started as a personal project to create something unique and playful for her children’s bedroom has grown into an extensive range of illustrated products for family homes.

In 2008, after a decade immersed in the creative scene of London—studying at Central Saint Martins and designing sets for theatre productions and launching Famille Summerbelle this same year—Julie embarked on a six-month travel around the world with her husband and their little toddler. She came back full of inspiration to start a series of intricate paper cut maps inspired by her travels and the Cities she had lived in. These maps, starting with Paris, became a signature of Famille Summerbelle.

Julie’s delicate paper illustrations are hand cut on a single sheet of paper. She uses a chirurgical scalpel to skilfully cut all the details, a tool she has been using for designing theatre stage models. Each hand cut piece is then laser cut in limited editions in the Netherlands or hand screen printed in the UK.

Her commitment to details and craftsmanship is evident in every piece. She appreciates the way a work of art, whether delicately cut or brightly coloured, will bring a sense of belonging and joy in people's interiors.

With nature as a major source of inspiration, Julie describes her work as a continuous exploration of shapes, patterns and colours that she expresses through intricate paper cuttings, drawings and paintings.

When she’s not in her studio, you’ll find Julie on her bike cycling along the canals of Amsterdam, where she lives with her family. 


As a freelance illustrator, Julie has collaborated with International brands such as Issey Miyake, Bonton, Le Printemps , Panahome Japan, The Londoner Hotel Macao, BNP Paribas, the V&A and 72 & Sunny among others.  She exhibited her work in Paris and Tokyo.

If you would like to collaborate with Julie on creative projects or just to say "bonjour", Julie’s always happy to hear from you! Just fill out the contact form below and she’ll get back to you.


If you'd like to find out more about creative ideas, you can visit Famille Summerbelle blog, for inspiration check Julie's Pinterest boards or follow her on Instagram.