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This wonderful pack of four houses is a fantastic solution for storing all of your small objects in a stylish and fun way. Just open up the roof to put things in the House Box!

The houses come as a pack of four colours (pink, blue, black and mustard) and the design is featured on all sides, so you can keep turning and playing with combinations!

 Featuring our familiar paper cut style design, these four house boxes are made from strong cardboard. Great solution for living rooms, bedrooms and offices.


  • Pack of FOUR boxes 
  • Pink, Blue, Black and Mustard (in each set)
  • Printed on all four sides and roof
  • L: 20cm x W: 15.5cm x H: 23cm


Shipped as a flat pack in reinforced packaging. Incredibly straightforward to assemble, and can be dismantled and rebuilt as many times as you need!

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